Removing backups from AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, and S3 compliant storage

This article describes how to delete the backups from AWS S3 and other S3 compliant storages with versioning enabled in the GitProtect platform.

Removing backups from S3 storages with versioning enabled

When using S3 and S3-compliant storage with data versioning enabled, files that have been deleted through GitProtect may not be physically deleted. The files may no longer be visible in the bucket, but the space may be still taken.

If you don't want the data to be versioned, you should just turn off the versioning mechanism in bucket settings, otherwise, you can regularly delete the files.

To permanently delete the files inside the bucket follow the instructions below:

  • Sign in AWS Management Console

  • Select the name of the object in the Objects list.

  • Choose the Version button

  • Select the version of the object,

  • Select the version of the object,

  • Choose the Delete button,

  • Enter text: "permanently delete",

  • Confirm by clicking the Delete objects button,

More details available on AWS docs:

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