GitProtect Worker Installation On Windows Workstations & Windows Server 2012 R2+

GitProtect worker is a necessary part of the GitProtect system. It is responsible for the backup, restoration, and all the processes that are included in that i.e. compression, and encryption.

Installer download

Log into GitProtect Management Service using a web browser to download the installer. Open the Settings tab and workers next.

Hit the Download Agent button and select the appropriate agent.

After selecting the version, the download will start automatically. In addition, you will be presented with another view called Installation, which provides short step-by-step instructions on how to install the software.

Underneath, you will see information about the address and port that you will have to provide during the agent installation.

Installation process

Run the downloaded file and click the Next button to begin the installation.

Read and accept the End-User License Agreement, then move to the next step.

Choose the folder where GitProtect worker should be installed.

In the Address field - type in the address of Management Service including both a protocol and a port.

Click the Install to begin the installation.

After the wizard finishes its installation click the Finish button.

At this point, you can activate your device via Management Service.

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