GitProtect System Components & Architecture

GitProtect components

GitProtect product as a platform consists of four main components:

Management Service

The main component that is required to run the GitProtect system. It allows you to comprehensively manage the GitProtect system. In the On-Premise version, it can be installed on almost any computer with Windows, Linux and even popular NAS devices. In the SaaS version, this service works within the provider's cloud infrastructure.

Web Panel

The application is a graphical user interface, allowing for comprehensive system management and monitoring of the correctness of the backups. It is intended for software administrators.

Agent Service

The application installed on the device, used for administrative tasks (such as performing backup or restore tasks)


GitProtect is a multi-storage system. This means that it allows storing data in the cloud (GitProtect Cloud, AWS, and any S3 compatible public cloud - Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, etc.), locally (SMB, NFS, iSCSI network shares, local disk resources) or for a hybrid environment.

System architecture diagram

The architecture of the GitProtect system is presented in the diagram below.

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