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In this article, you will get information on how to create additional account in GitProtect.

administratorsCreate additional account

To create additional account in GitProtect go to settings tab, and next go to Accounts

Hit Add new button on the bottom section

To set up a new GitProtect's Account start with setting username and password for your new account.

Your username should be an e-mail address (must contains @).

You can use your GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Google or Microsoft Azure AD e-mail addres and log in to GitProtect via SSO. All you need to do, is to set the same e-mail address in GitProtect as in your service provider.

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Remember that when defining a password, you have to meet a number of criteria that are displayed in the form. Fulfilled criteria will be marked accordingly.

In the next step, set the default language for the new accounts and set their role. You can choose:

  1. Viewer - permissions for viewing management console

  2. Backup operator - permissions for creating backup tasks

  3. Restore operator - permissions for restoring the data

  4. System administrator - full permissions

For all these options you can enable additional permissions such as:

  1. Account management

  2. Device management

  3. Microsoft 365 management

  4. Data delete

  5. Git management

  6. VMware management

Account management is available only for System administrators!

At the end, hit the Save button.

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