Getting started

Administrator account

When you open the Management Service for the first time, you will be prompted to create an administrator account.

In this window, you will have to provide a login (it has to be a valid email address) and a password compliant with the standards listed below the input fields.

After filling out the form click the Register button, which will take you to the take next step.

Licence code

Now you will be asked to provide a license key in the next window. This is the last step before our system becomes operational and ready to be used.

Once you have registered for GitProtect, you should receive an email with a License code. The proceeding will redirect you to the system setups.

First run

The first setup consists of a few steps needed to be done before your data will start being protected. You should add the first device, which will be used to set up the storage - the place where your data will be stored.

To start using GitProtect, you have to now install the backup worker and activate it in the system.

Go to the articles in our knowledge base where you will find articles about installing the worker on different operating systems:

Installation On WindowsInstallation On LinuxInstallation On DockerInstallation On QNAP NAS In Container StationInstallation On Synology NAS

And add the storage where you want to store data. GitProtect is multistorage software, so you can add different storage. You can use local storage (e.g. SMB/NFS) or cloud solutions (e.g. Wasabi/Amazon etc.)

See the articles with the storage details:

Supported PlatformsStorage Overview

With all system components initialized, you can start protecting your devices. Start creating backup plans!

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