Installation On Synology NAS

This article describes the installation process of GitProtect Management Service running as a docker container on Synology.


Synology must meet the following requirements:

  • x86 or x64 CPU (ARM is not supported)

  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM

  • Docker app from Package Center

Environment setup

In order to set up GitProtect Management Service as a docker container on Synology, install the Docker application first. To do so, open Package Center and select All Packages tab and search for Docker, then click Install to proceed.


Open Docker on Synology, go to the Registry tab and search xopero/xopero-one-service.

Double-click and select the latest version. Then press the Select button.

Go to the Image tab and choose your image from docker Hub and click the Launch button.

At this point, Synology will display the Create Container window, where you can set up the Container name and limit the resources that the container can use.

Now you can change the container name. Next, open Advanced settings in order to proceed.

First, it's recommended to Enable auto-restart function for the container on the Advanced Settings tab.

After it's on, go to the Volume tab and Add Folder to create a new directory called e.g. GitProtect and set the Mount path to /app/GitProtect.

On the next tab, which is Network, select Use the same network as Docker Host to keep the same IP address for the service as it's for Synology itself.

Finally, open the Environment tab and modify the ASPNETCORE_ULRS field

In a value change port 80 to 28555 (recommended).

Click the Apply button and then the button Next, Docker will display a short summary about the configuration that has just been set:

Click Done in order to proceed.

That's it! All you need is to connect to your GitProtect Management Service by entering the URL to your browser:



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