Cloud storage


GitProtect supports the most popular cloud service providers compatible with S3. You can use:

  • GitProtect Cloud (storage provided by GitProtect Company)

  • AWS

  • Wasabi

  • Azure Blob Storage

  • BackBlaze B2

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • and others S3 Compliant

Configuration and limitation

This paragraph doesn't apply to tasks handled by the default Cloud Worker. These restrictions may apply to your local devices that you use to perform backup/replication tasks.

Sending backup tasks to S3 cloud storages have a limit (buffer). The default buffer value is set to 128MB. This limits the maximum data size but also the minimum internet speed.

If the client's network environment or S3 endpoint has no additional restrictions, the minimum required internet connection speed is ~0.64 Mbit/s UPLOAD.

However, for backup to cloud storage (S3-compliant), GitProtect recommends min. 2.5 Mbit/s UPLOAD.

Immutable storage

Important! This is additional functionality that is not enabled by default.

Additionaly, GitProtect support S3-type immutable storage as a location for your backups. The feature is available for all cloud storage (AWS, Wasabi, Azure Blob Storage, BackBlaze B2 and Google Cloud Storage). Datastores of this type allow you to freely save and read data, but their modification and deletion are possible only after meeting the retention policies set for the bucket.


  • Protection against ransomware and other threats (cyberattacks) - files in immutable storage are read-only, they are impervious to loss, accidental deletion, corruption, cyberattacks, and other issues that can compromise your data.

  • Avoiding accidental deletion of files - when access to important/critical data is shared, the risk of data deletion or modification increases.

  • Preserving the authenticity of the uploaded files - ensuring the accuracy of the data by preventing modification and manipulation of the uploaded data.

  • Compliance with legal regulations - meeting the requirements for the storage of confidential data (payments or medical records).

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