Log In with SSO

In this article, you will get information, on how to log in to GitProtect using an SSO.

Log in with SSO

To log in to GitProtect using SSO you can use GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Google and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. To use SSO to log in to GitProtect, you have to add your SSO account to your management service. During the adding process, you have to use the same email address, which is used by the SSO provider.

For example, if your GitHub account is created using the example@companyname.com email address, you have to use the same email address during the account creation in GitProtect.

To get information on how to create account in GitProtect see the following article:

See also how to create an additional account:

Create additional account

If your account is created, hit the appropriate button on GitProtect login panel.

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