Updating Management Service Running On Synology NAS

To update the Management Center installed in Docker on Synology NAS, you need to install the new version with old databases mounted.


Open Docker on Synology, go to the Registry tab and search xopero/xopero-one-service.

Double-click and select the latest version. Then press the Select button.

Go to the Image tab and choose your image from docker Hub and click the Launch button.

At this point Synology will display the Create Container window, where you can set up the Container name and limit the resources that container can use.

Now you can change the container name. And it's recommended to Enable auto-restart function. Next, open Advanced settings in order to proceed.

From the Environment tab and modify ASPNETCORE_ULRS field to the port you used before. Then click the Save button.

You will return to general settings, and press Next. At this point, press Add Folder.

You need to create a mount of the databases folder for a new installation. Select the folder to which you mounted the databases on the disk during installation (we suggested docker/Xopero by default in the instruction of installation). Then press the Select button.

Enter /app/Xopero into Mount path filed. Then click the Next button.

Next summary window will appear. If everything is ready, finish with the Done button.

Update validation

Finally, it's time to verify if everything went properly. Log into the GitProtect panel via web browser and wait for the device status to be changed for online, make sure that all your previous settings are available (plans, storages, devices etc.). If you're able to confirm that everything is alright, you can delete the old container or keep it for some time to make sure that everything is fine with the new version installed.

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