Log details

To verify the status of any past events that have happened in the GitProtect system, open the Logs tab. Logs table consists of the entries as Level, Log, Date, Subject of event, Name of subject and Trigger.

There's also a possibility to manage displayed columns - click the sprocket icon to display a list of elements that can be shown on the entries.

  • Level - an element that informs about the status of an event. There are 4 types of logs in GitProtect:

  • Success - notifies about the successful completion of a task.

  • Info - the informational type that notifies about things such as changes in backup plans.

  • Warning - informs about things that may be contradictory with their intentions or partial errors that may cause unwanted loss of information in their backup plans.

  • Error - alerts about critical errors.

  • Log - the name of the performed event.

  • Date - the time that the event was performed

  • Subject of event - the receiver of action/operation.

  • Name of subject - the name of the action receiver.

  • Trigger - an element that was responsible for initializing an operation by sending the request. For example - if the backup plan will be started manually by the administrator, the Caller will be an administrator account, but if the backup plan starts automatically with the time defined with the calendar, the Caller will be schedule.

Log details

To verify log details click the Log details icon next to the log entry if you want to find more information about.

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