Installation On Linux

Management Service is the main component that allows you to manage the backup of your infrastructure and allows you to control and monitor all of the GitProtect system features.

This article describes the process of GitProtect Management Service installation on Linux systems as an on-premise solution.

Before you start installation process, check these articles:

pageGitProtect System Components & ArchitecturepageSystem RequirementspageSupported Platforms

To register for a free trial and download the installer visit the GitProtect website. If you're already a registered user download the installer HERE.

Linux installation

Download the and run it.

Add Execute permission to the downloaded file using the following command:

chmod +x

Run file and Confirm the End-User License Agreement to continue.

After this process, close the software installation window - the installation is done.

By default, the Management Service installed on Linux works on port 28555.

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