Updating Management Service Running On QNAP NAS In Container Station

In this article, you will get information on how to update GitProtect Management Service installed as Docker Container on QNAP NAS.

New container

Open the Container Station application, click on a Container name, then select the Settings button.

Then Advanced Settings option and open Shared Folders section to see the exact path of your databases on a QNAP. Save the path* to enter it during creating the container with new version.

Now open the Image tab, search xopero/xopero-one-service and click Install button.

Now select the latest version and click Next button.

QNAP will now display the Create Container window, where you can set up the container name, CPU and RAM limit and even more advanced settings for GitProtect docker container.

By opening Advanced settings, you'll get access to 4 additional sections, where the most important are Network and Shared Folders.

On a Network tab you can set up the listening port for GitProtect Management Service (the default one is 28555) by entering the number in a Host field (it needs to be the same as in your first installation).

By opening the Shared Folders tab you can now select the path of GitProtect Management Service databases. First, delete the entry on a New volume section.

Then add the path to the Volume from host field, use the path you saved earlier.

Next the Mount Point should be set to /app/Xopero.

Press the Create button, review the Summary window and click OK to proceed.

Update validation

Finally, it's time to verify if everything went properly. Log into the GitProtect panel via web browser and wait for the device status to be changed for online, make sure that all your previous settings are available (plans, storages, devices etc.). If you're able to confirm that everything is alright, you can delete the old container or keep it for some time to make sure that everything is fine with the new version installed.

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