Updating GitProtect Worker On Linux

To update the GitProtect worker, please follow the steps described below.

Updating GitProtect worker installed on Linux

Download the GitProtect worker installer from the Management service.

Now the GitProtect worker Installer should download automatically.

Of course, you can transfer this file to the server or copy the link and download it directly on your Linux server using, for example, wget command.

If the installer file is already downloaded, grant execute permission to the owner user or group of the file. To grant the permission perform the chmod command:

chmod +x xoperoclient.sh

After that, run the script using:



bash xoperoclient.sh

The script should be started with administrative privileges, due to the that fact it may be required to use the sudo command along with it.

The installer will display End-User License Agreement, which has to be accepted to proceed.

Keep old database - confirm on the opened window.

Keep old configuration

After this step, the GitProtect worker for Linux is successfully updated.

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