GitProtect Worker Installation On Linux

GitProtect worker is a necessary part of the GitProtect system. It is responsible for the backup, restoration, and all the processes that are included in that i.e. compression, and encryption.

Installer download

Log into GitProtect Management Service using a web browser to download the installer. Open the Settings tab and workers next.

Hit the Download Agent button and select the appropriate agent.

After selecting the version, the download will start automatically. In addition, you will be presented with another view called Installation, which provides short step-by-step instructions on how to install the software.

Underneath, you will see information about the address and port that you will have to provide during the agent installation.

Installation process

Download the agent installer (bash script) to your Linux system and grant execute permission to the owner user or group of the file. To grant the permission perform the chmod command:

chmod +x

After that, run the script using:

./ or bash

The script should be started with administrative privileges, due to that fact it may be required to use the sudo command along with it, same as in the example above.

The installer will display End-User License Agreement, which has to be accepted to proceed.

Press the Yes button to accept the agreement and proceed. On the last step of the setup process, the installer will ask about the GitProtect Management Service address.

Enter the IP address to the Address field- including protocol and port - and click the OK button.

This is it, the agent installation is done. Open the GitProtect web panel to activate the agent and proceed to protect your data.

Possible issues

Problem: The agent is not visible in Activate agent section after installation.

Solution: If you're working with RedHat-based systems like Fedora, CentOS, or RHEL and the agent is not visible after the proper installation process, then it may mean that some of the required components are missing. Install OpenSSL and update certificates with the following commands:

yum install -y openssl11.x86_64 ca-certificates
update-ca-trust extract 

After that restart your Linux system or just restart GitProtect agent service using:

systemctl restart XoperoONEBackupAgent.service 

now you should be able to see your device awaiting activation.

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