Ransomware Proof Storage

In this article you will learn more about Ransomware Proof storage. What technologies are used for this? How to run Ransomware Proof storage?

Ransomware Proof badge

The Ransomware Proof badge appears for the GitProtect Storage cloud and others object storages (compliant with the S3 protocol) with the Object Lock (Immutable storage) function enabled.

Characteristics of Ransomware Proof storages

Non-executable backup files

GitProtect compresses and encrypts data and sends it to the storage in non-executable formats. This means that even if ransomware is transfered the storage, e.g. through a backup of infected data. Ransomware won't infect other files on storage due to non-executable file formats.

Ability to encrypt backups

Your data may be encrypted using the AES algorithm. Therefore, even if they fall into the wrong hands, they won't be able to read them.

In addition, you can select the level of encryption to affect the backup time and load level of the device.

GitProtect uses in-flight encryption. Data encryption takes place "on the fly" and is still encrypted on the device (Cloud Worker). So the data is already secured already during the transfering process. The data in the storage is already encrypted. Therefore, your data is completely safe during the entire backup process.

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Access data in a secure storage

Limited access to the credential and secret store. In this way, even in the event of an attack on the source machine, the ransomware won't fain access to the place where the credentials and secrets are stored.

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Immutable storage

Take advantage of WORM-compliant storage technology. WORM (write once read many) technology means that the data in the storage cannot be modified or deleted after being written in the storage. The full set of security includes:

  • Enable Object Lock

  • Enable Versioning

  • Retention policy configuration

Data stored in WORM storages are considered immutable data. And can be read by authorized users, but the data is protected against deletion and modification.

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To enable the Immutable storage function for GitProtect Cloud - contact us.

Check out the articles on the official websites of other S3 cloud providers. To learn how to use Immutable storage (Object Lock).



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