Slack notification configuration

GitProtect allows you to set up notifications to verify the status of your backup quickly, even without logging into the web console. This article describes how to configure the notifications on GitProtect. All of these settings are available in the Settings tab.


One of the GitProtect features is Slack notifications. You can set them up in order to monitor the backup plan status by a dedicated channel on your communicator. Same as for email notifications open Settings and turn the switch to ON next to Slack notifications.

By switching on Slack notifications the system will display Slack configuration view, which consists of two sections: Webhook address and Slack notifications.

Webhook address

The first section, which is the Webhook address consists of one field that requires providing a webhook URL.

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Slack notifications

Next, you have got the possibility to set up the language and type of notifications that will be sent by the system.

Click on the Slack notifications section to expand it.

In the first step select the preferred language in the Language field. With the next section - Backup plan summary you have got the option to select what backup plan statuses you want to get notifications about. You can simply click on the switch to set it ON and that will cause all of the checkboxes to be marked(so you'll get notifications about every listed status) or you can choose individual statuses between:

  • Successfully finished tasks - if the backup plan was performed properly, without any issues,

  • Tasks finished with warnings - if during the backup plan performance the application encountered not critical issues,

  • Failed tasks - if during the backup plan performance the application encountered critical issues,

  • Canceled tasks - if the backup plan was canceled by the user/administrator,

  • Tasks not started - if the application wasn't able to start the backup plan.

By using the next switch Restore verification summary you can turn on the summary of the restore tasks. The Daily report button is responsible for sending a collective daily report at the time specified by the user. After setting up your notifications configuration click the Save button.

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