Protected Bitbucket Resources / Elements/Metadata

In this article, you will get information about all protected resources, elements and metadata in Bitbucket.


All the Bitbucket protected data list:

  • Repository - Where the code is stored and changes are made.

  • Wiki - Tool to keep documents.

  • Issue - A tracking tool ideas, tasks and bugs.

  • Issue comments - Comments written by users for each issue.

  • Downloads - All files uploaded to the repository.

  • Deployment keys - The SSH key that grants access to a single repository.

  • Pull requests - Tool that allows you to inform about changes that have been puched to the branch in the repository.

  • Pull requests comments - Comments written by users for each pull requests.

  • Webhooks - These are custom HTTP callbacks that user define.

  • Pipelines - Integrated CI/CD service.

  • Branch restrictions - control access to repository branches.

  • Branching model - using to define a branch based workflow for your project.

  • Pipeline Known hosts - specific account that contains one or more host keys.

  • Pipeline schedules - allow you to run a pipeline at hourly, daily or weekly intervals.

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