Wiki recovery

In this article, you will get information about Wiki recovery process

Wiki recovery

In general, Git Protect allows you to restore only Wiki, during the repository recovery process. To restore the Wiki, open the Bitbucket tab and hit the Manage & Restore button.

Find the repository on the repository list, which contains the Wiki, and hit the Restore button (available on the right side of the window)

In the Backup plan section, select the appropriate backup plan and move to the Backup copies section to select the point in time, from which you want to restore your Wiki

To restore the Wiki, hit the Restore now button available in the Restore Wiki section.

In Restore to section, select the repository to which you want to restore the Wiki In Restore settings you can limit the bandwidth if your network infrastructure requires it. The last section gives the possibility to choose the device, that will be responsible for performing the restoration.

If all the previous steps are configured correctly, you can hit the Start now button and start the restoration process.

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