Additional Bitbucket DC users\tokens

This article contains information on how to prepare an additional account and HTTP access token in Bitbucket DC. This can be useful in case of problems with Throttling or used as a way to authorize your organization.

Additional account

On Bitbucket DC, you can create user accounts and group them. This will make it easier for you to manage the organization and permissions.

See also the Bitbucket DC article related to creating the user account:

HTTP access token

HTTP access tokens in Bitbucket DC can be used in place of passwords for Git to authenticate.

To create an HTTP access token for your user account:

  1. Go to Profile picture > Manage account > HTTP access tokens.

  2. Select Create token.

  3. Set the token name, permissions, and expiry.

See also the Bitbucket DC article related to the HTTP access tokens:

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