Additional Bitbucket DC users to reduce throttling impact

This article describes how to additional Bitbucket Data Center users in order to improve backup&restore process efficiency, stability and reduce the throttling impact.

Assign additional Bitbucket DC users

To add extra users for your BitbucketDC server project (because it has to be done for each project individually) open the DevOps tab. Find your Bitbucket DC project on the list and click Edit button. In the new aside scroll down to the Additional credentials section and click Add additional Bitbucket DC credentials button.

After opening another view, click Add new button.

After that, you can enter additional credentials Username, and a Personal Acces Token.

See also how to add a new Personal Acces Token to the Safe Password Manager:

pageAdd A New Password

Click Proceed button to finish the process.

After completing the process, you will see a new entry for additional credentials on the list.

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