Bitbucket repositories list and its synchronization

This article contains information about repositories list and their synchronization

Bitbucket repositories list and its synchronization

Repository list

In general, the repositories list is available under the Manage & Restore button in the Bitbucket DC dashboard.

From this point you can find information about:

  • Repository name

  • Repository status

  • Last backup

  • Next backup

  • Whether the license has been assigned

  • Backup status

From here you can use the buttons from the right side to:

  • See the list of all assigned backup plans

  • Restore the data

  • See repository details

pageRepository’s dashboard overview

If you want to change the columns, which describe your repository list, you can do it using the sprocket button.


In general, during the adding process, you can specify the hours, when GitProtect should synchronize with your Bitbucket DC, or set a time interval.

You can also trigger the synchronization task in the repository list. To synchronize the GitProtect with your Bitbucket DC environment, hit the synchronize button.

On the bottom section of the window, you can see the information like last sync time, total count or selected repos.

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