Editing And Removing GitHub Enterprise Self-Hosted Integration From GitProtect

This article contains information on how to edit and remove the GitHub Enterprise organization from GitProtect.

How to edit GitHub Enterprise integration from GitProtect?

To edit GitHub Enteprise integration from GitProtect go to the DevOps tab and select to the GitHub section.

Click the Edit button next to your GitHub Enterprise organization to proceed.

After that, Edit organization form will show up, where you can modify some basic settings like: service address and authorization data. You can also decide whether you want to automatically add new repositories to the platform (also automatically assign licenses to them) by using the switch.

Another thing is the Default device, which is a default worker - selected automatically when creating a new backup plan. This device will also be responsible for synchronizing your organization's data.

The next part is dedicated for Additional credentials, where you can add multiple accounts in order to reduce the throttling effect if required.

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In the last part, you can edit the synchronization options:

Remove GitHub Enterprise integration from GitProtect

To remove the GitHub Enterprise environment from GitProtect click the Remove button, which is available on the bottom section of the Edit organization window.

Confirm your choice by clicking the Yes button to proceed.

After that, your GitHub Enteprise organization will be deleted from GitProtect.

Warning! This process deletes only the GitHub Enterprise organization from GitProtect - your backups are still available on the storage and you will be able to restore it.

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