Wiki Recovery

This article describes how to restore a Wiki from your GitHub Enterprise repository backup.

Wiki only recovery

Before running the recovery process make sure that your repository (restore destination) has at least one wiki page created. One of GitProtect possibilities is to restore only Wiki during the repository recovery process. To restore the Wiki, open the GitHub, find your GitHub Enterprise organization entry and hit the Manage & Restore button next to it.

By doing so, you'll be redirected to your repository list, find the one that you want to restore the Wiki from and click Restore button available on the right side.

In the new window you need to select from which backup you want to restore your Wiki. At first select the Backup plan, then decide which version you want to restore by using Restore button. As the Select data to restore aside shows up, click Restore now button next to Restore wiki section.

In the last part you have to select the restore destination(the same or a different organization/git service), you'll also be able to reduce the bandwith and select the device, which will be directly responsible for the restore.

As soon as you define all of these options click Start now button to run the Wiki only restore.

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