Cloud To Cloud Backup

GitProtect allows performing a backup of the GitLab environment directly from the GitLab cloud to the cloud storage. By choosing that model, the backup does not affect the local infrastructure and any device. The biggest advantage of cloud-to-cloud backup is relieving the infrastructure from the load of the data backup and increased network traffic. The backed-up organization may grow, and with GitProtect the backup is easily scalable and automated.

Cloud-to-cloud backup is possible to be set for the GitProtect in the SaaS model only, in which a Cloud Worker is available.

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Setting cloud-to-cloud backup

First, set the default device for your GitLab organization to the Cloud Worker.

Go to the DevOps tab and next GitLab tab. Click the Edit button on the organization view.

Make sure the Default device is set to the Cloud Worker.

When the default device is set, you can move to set a backup plan.

In the backup plan, the Backup storage should be a cloud type, for example, a Xopero Storage.

Those two settings assure that the backup will be performed directly from the GitLab cloud to the cloud storage.

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