Worker And Its license

In this article, you will get information about backup agent and its license in case of GitLab.

Worker and its license

In general, before you start working with on-premise installed GitProtect, you need to deploy GitProtect worker, which will connect with your Git environment. This module will perform all the backup, restore or replication tasks.

If you use a cloud-hosted management service (SaaS) you are not obligated to install GitProtect worker - you can use Cloud Worker, which is a cloud-deployed GitProtect worker. This agent is automatically added to your management service during initialization.

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Otherwise, if you protect only the GitLab environment using an on-premise deployed management service, you need to install the GitProtect worker. The agent should have connectivity with the management service and storage. You don't need to buy a license for this device. Use feature worker license.

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A backup agent - called a worker - can be chosen while creating a backup plan - in the Data to protect section. You can also change the worker in an already existing backup plan, just edit it.

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