Adding Jira Organization To GitProtect

This article contains information on how to add Jira organization to GitProtect.

Adding Jira organization to GitProtect

To add a Jira organization to GitProtect go to the DevOps tab on the left side of the window, expand it and select Jira.

Choose the Add organization option.

Provide the URL of your Jira instance with HTTP or HTTPS protocol at the beginning (e.g. GitProtect will ask about your login (eg. and will require you to select an API token from the Password Manager (if exist) or add a new one.

The account that will be used in the authorization process should be site admin at least

If the API Token doesn't exist in the Safe Password Manager, you need to add it. To get more information, see the following article:

pageAdd A New Password

To generate an API token login into your Jira and create a new one. You can see more about API tokens in Jira at the following link:

To communicate with Jira, GitProtect will use a worker, the device, which performs a backup. A worker is a machine with GitProtect Agent installed. You can use the default Cloud Worker (available only in SaaS deployment model), first device added to your management service (with main flag) or change it to a different one.

In general, during the adding process, you can specify the hours, when GitProtect should synchronize with your Jira, or set a time interval.

At this point, hit the Proceed button to start the adding process.

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