Editing And Removing Jira Integration From GitProtect

This article contains information on how to edit and remove Jira integration from GitProtect

How to edit Jira integration from GitProtect?

To edit Jira integration from GitProtect go to the DevOps tab and move to the Jira section.

Now hit the Edit button

Here you can edit your Jira integration from GitProtect. Due to the fact, that your Jira environment is already added, there is no option to edit the integration way. If you want to edit it, remove your organization and add it once again. How to remove your organization you will see in this article below. You are able to change the default device (the device, which is responsible to perform backup and recovery tasks).

In the last part, you can edit the synchronization options - repositories list sync options

Remove Jira integration from GitProtect

To remove the Jira environment from GitProtect hit the remove button, which is available in the bottom section of the Edit organization window.

To remove it, hit the Yes button

At this time, your Jira organization is deleted.

Warning! This process deletes only the Jira organization from GitProtect - your backups are still available on the storage and you can restore it.

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