Recovery To Local Resources

In this article, you will get information on how to restore the Jira organization to local resources.

Get into the restore view

GitProtect has two options to open the restore view, both of them have been described below.

Use Git organization

Open the Jira tab and then click on the Restore button next to the organization that you want to restore the backup.

Browse the storage

To perform the restore process starting with browsing the storage open the Storages tab and click the Browse storage button visible on the storage action menu.

After opening the restore window click on the Device section. After doing so, you'll be able to see every data, that has been backed up and sent to the selected storage. Choose the selected Jira organization.

Select the backup plan

So the first step after getting into the restore window is to select the backup plan that we want to restore the data. Click on Backup plans and choose one of the available plans from the list.

After doing so, head to the Backup copies section.

Backup version

This section gives you the possibility to choose the backup version between all the backups that have been already performed.

Choose desired date and click on the Restore button.

Select the destination

Restoring the Jira organization

That allows you to select the destination of the restore process. At this moment it gives you the possibility to select one of the assigned organizations or any local device (with GitProtect worker installed within). To restore the Jira organization to the local device, hit the Edit button in the Restore to section and select the appropriate device.

Restore settings

Here you are able to decide, that you want to restore the Jira organization with the users or not.

Device used to restore the data

The last section gives the possibility to choose the device, that will be responsible for performing the restoration.

After defining all these parameters click Start now button, which will run the restore process.

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